My name is Jonathan Donaldson. I am but a common dandy, but don't let my status fool you! I'm well trained in the ways of art and design, having done it for well over a decade now. I received my B.A. in Graphic Design from EIU in 2004, then completed my M.A. in Painting the following year. I have been doing freelance art and design work whenever and wherever it finds me for the past thirteen years or so, and have been doing graphic design full-time since January 2008.

I'm a family man, with a wife and five children. We live in the heart of Illinois on what is becoming a small farm. For a boy who grew up in the city, I'm learning to appreciate the benefits of a life in the country. Who would turn down a steaming plate of farm-fresh eggs? Not I, sir, not I!

I love to create. Art and music are my passion. I would be honored to lend my talents and abilities to your project, should you decide to contact me–to which I say, by all means do!